Give yourself optimum control over the light in your home with our handmade bespoke shutters, made with the highest levels of precision for even the most complex of windows.

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Shutter Styles

Bedroom Shutters
FH Lounge

No matter what design you may be considering, our range of shutter styles enables you to add a personal touch to your home with ease. Speak to us today at Carlton Blinds and we’ll guide you through the options available to you, and make your decision an informed one.

Bespoke plantation shutters not only work well for standard rectangle and square windows, but also for doorways, uniquely shaped windows such as arches, bays and gable end windows. Even larger expanses such as conservatories, patio doors and built-in wardrobes are also ideal for shutters.
All of the styles available are created using some of the finest quality shutter materials, from high-quality MDF shutters through to premium quality hardwood, all attained using sustainable means. The shutters we supply provide an environmentally friendly and highly stylish window dressing to meet your needs and requirements.

Each of our shutter styles has its own features, and we understand that having a large number of options to choose from can often lead to confusion. That’s why we recommend that you browse through our style collection and then discuss your options with our experienced team before you purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at Carlton Blinds to discuss the best options for your home.

Full Height

Full height lounge

Full-height shutters are the most popular choice among homeowners for their sleek style and practical application. They are excellent for blocking out unwanted light because of their simple panel configuration and privacy provision. “Full-height” means that the shutter panels run the entire height of the window or door.

For taller windows, to match an existing feature or just to change the aesthetics, a mid-rail may be added to full-height shutters, meaning that different sections of louvres can be operated independently, giving greater light control.


Café Style

Cafe style

Café-style window shutters are half the height of full-height shutters and are excellent for providing privacy to street level and street-facing windows.

If you’re sitting in the bottom half of the window, café style allows light in the top half of the window to provide a unique level of light and privacy in the room. This style is also ideal for first-floor bedrooms that aren’t overlooked from above, meaning privacy is not as much of a concern.


Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier Dark

Tier-on-tier shutters offer the same practicalities as café-style, but with a second tier of shutters situated on the top half of the frame, hinged separately. Both the top and bottom shutter panels can fold away or be kept in situ, giving even more control over both the light control and privacy.

Perhaps the most flexible style, tier-on-tier wooden is arguably at its most effective when the hinged panels of the shutters are narrow. Having narrow panels allows them to be concertinaed and bi-folded back against the wall, meaning they will take up less space than tier-on-tier shutters with larger panels.


Bay Window Shutters

Shutter bay telescope

Specially crafted to fit the space, shutters are a perfect solution for traditional British bay windows. Whether a square or splay bay, shutters spare you the awkwardness of curtain rails, and the light control means you can maximise the sun filtering through the aperture.

Plantation shutters blend into the bay window design, allowing you to keep the perfect lines of the bay, keeping the area clean and crisp while maintaining the special aesthetics as the architect had intended.


Special Shape

Shutter shape

When architects design specific features in a building, they don’t necessarily think about the practicalities. That means you may find yourself with limited choices when it comes to differently shaped openings such as portholes and gable ends.

At Carlton Blinds, we can provide a wide range of bespoke shutter solutions to fit just about any window or door, no matter the size, shape or complexity. Whether your window is circular, arched or angled, or is large or small, we can design special-shape window shutters to fit perfectly.


Shutter solutions for almost every window

Shutters Door

Conservatory or French door, skylight or track, there’s a broad range of shutter styles available to provide options for every home. We also offer solid panel shutters to homeowners looking for a more traditional look, or trying to recreate a specific design.

We are more than happy to speak to you about the various solutions for your windows or doors, and can even advise on the best shutters to use as room dividers. As experienced shutter experts, with Carlton Blinds you can rest assured of getting the best shutters at competitive prices, providing a perfect fit in a superb style, with plantation shutters crafted just for you.


Shutter shape

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