Stylish roller blinds in Anglesey

Roller blinds are ideal for households with children and pets as they can be rolled up when not required. Contact Carlton Blinds for blinds in a variety of materials and colours. Based in Anglesey, we offer our blind supply and fit services to customers across North Wales, Chester and Cheshire.

Arona-Stark_RP6069_FPDP roller.jpg

Carlton Blinds we manufacture and supply and fit an extensive range of roller and blackout blinds in a variety of patterns, colours and designs. See below for a small selection of our collection and see how we can find the perfect blinds to match the décor of your home. Whether you want the blinds for your bedroom, dining room, conservatory or living room, we can help you find the perfect fit.


Arona-Verde_RP6081_FPDP Roller.jpg
Arona-Siren_RP6078_FPDP Roller.jpg
Arona-Zest_RP6080_FPDP Roller.jpg
Arona-Vela_RP6076_FPDP Roller.jpg
Arona-Wave_RP6082_FPDP (1) Roller.jpg
Bella-Arcadia_RP5009_FPDP Roller.jpg
Botany-Eden_RP5960_FPDP Roller.jpg
Botany-Midnight_RP5961_FPDP Roller.jpg
Boheme-Summer_RP5514_FPDP Roller.jpg
Boheme-Steel_RP5512_FPDP Roller.jpg
Calista-Breeze_RP2015_FPDP Roller.jpg
Calista-Citrus_RP4024_FPDP Roller.jpg
Focal-Sunset_RP5943_FPDP Rollers.jpg
Focal-Raven_RP5946_FPDP Rollers.jpg
Honor-Intimate_RP6055_FPDP Roller.jpg
Honor-Poise_RP6057_FPDP Roller.jpg
Lola-Swing_RP5523_FPDP Roller.jpg
Lola-Lambada_RP5522_FPDP Roller.jpg
Musa-Tigerlily_RP5542_FPDP Roller.jpg
Musa-Paradise_RP6061_FPDP Roller.jpg
Miro-Sonoma_RP5969_FPDP Roller.jpg
Miro-Fontana_RP5971_FPDP Roller.jpg
Midas-Zircon_RP6007_FPDP Roller.jpg
Midas-Opal_RP4006_FPDP Roller.jpg
Memento-Aurora_RP5953_FPDP Roller.jpg
Memento-Dawn_RP5952_FPDP Roller.jpg
Napa-Mersin_RP2361_FPDP Roller.jpg
Napa-Oslo_RP2360_FPDP Roller.jpg
Sephora-Willow_RP4015_FPDP Roller.jpg
Sephora-Sky_RP4016_FPDP (1) Roller.jpg